My mother just queer bashed me in public.




Feel like crying. Didn’t help when I told her that it upset me, she queer bashed me again. You can’t really bash back at your mother, can you?

Dude. Fuck that. You can and you should.

I am seriously so fucking sick of people thinking that parents can’t be put in their place. They don’t deserve a free pass. No one does.

Disrespect should not be tolerated. Period.

^ This. My parents do not get away with shit just because they are my parents.

Just to note, speaking back to one’s parents is not an option for everyone whose relationship with them is tenuous and yet dependent on them for financial support. For far too many, speaking back to a parent, especially about this issue, means winding up homeless.

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    Seriously. No, the OP’s parent’s actions weren’t acceptable. But being safe is far more important in many cases than...
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    Yes. Get out. Get away. Get safe. And then next time after that some family member pulls that shit, THAT is when you...
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    thiiiis. counterbashing has never earned me anything at home. i really am happier keeping my mouth shut and ignoring it...
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    I wish I had edited my post earlier, but I agree with not fighting back if it’s not an option (hence Don’t tread on the...
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    Ok I’d say ‘THIS’ but seriously? Do what you need to do to keep yourself SAFE until you can get yourself OUT. Because...
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    Completely Agree. A lot of us were not raised by people that allowed us to check them even when they were the ones that...
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    Thank you for speaking up about that, Hats. I didn’t look past my own privilege of having supportive parents to realize...
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    You just made my night, sweetie. I couldn’t find the words to better describe it, and you just did.
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    It needed said. Having parents willing to support you is a form of privilege in itself. Many people have the security...
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    If my mother queer bashed me I would snap at her right back. In fact once she told me that I couldn’t be bisexual...
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    ^^This, this, and more of this.