Manueluv and I are convinced Agent K is Coulson’s father. Hell, MIB is even owned by Marvel. 

Welp. Never gonna unsee this.




I find this… strangely believable. :)

Just imagine a dozen SHIELD and MIB agents fighting over who has jurisdiction with the Asgardians.

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Will seemed really frustrated that Hannibal doesn’t suck at cooking something that is not people

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to any newbie complaining about how they have to work for things

id like to point out when i joined an entirely basic imperial was considered cheap at 1mil

think about that for a sec

Man, I worked so hard for my first imperial that it isn’t even remotely funny to remember. I love him to bits thou! 

Haha, I joined in July just before they closed registration so it took me ages to get anything but basics.

Like I have a DG PC in my lair right now with a terrible tert but I bought him as a BASIC FAE for 15k and gened him/breed-changed him myself SO HE’S NEVER LEAVING

My first Imp was an ungened one that I bought when ungened Imp prices dropped to 200k. OH THE GOOD OLD DAYS

Me and 9 friends went in together to buy one single imp, and she was 800k and kinda ugly.

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Was anyone else a little bit disappointed that the kick ass Lady Counsel Member turned out to be Natasha? Still love Natasha, but for a few glorious seconds, it was awesome to see an older woman come out of nowhere to kick ass. 

Oh hell yes.  For one glorious moment this movie was going to be the utter best thing ever made.  And then…. well it was still cool but such a disappointment we didn’t get unexpected kick ass over 40 woman. 

Did we ever even find out what happened to the counsel member?

We, too, thought for a glorious moment that Captain America: The Winter Soldier was a movie where every female character was a secret badass. 

Here too. I was really hoping that she was awesome herself. I assume she survived, since Natasha working for Steve prooobably wouldn’t have offed her to give herself an in.

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Words Can Get In The Way - How to NOT Talk To Kids


Learning to speak to children in a constructive, positively reinforcing, non-abusive way (which was hard to unlearn due to my own abuse) is one of the most important things i have ever learned to do. It’s also dramatically changed how i speak with adults.

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Are you fucking kidding me? Did we all just wake up in 1938?

Anti-Semitism isn’t a problem anymore though right??

This is a really, really big deal. Let’s talk about this, so more people know what’s happening.

Let’s talk about how it’s a hoax though. It’s a Ukrainian group trying to stir up anti-Russian sentiment in the Jewish community. Not that Russia hasn’t been shittily anti-Semitic before, but this specific instance is not their crime.

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"Sir Francis, he was a figurehead of great courage and bold exploits. No one like him ever existed in my family. Why do you think I drink? Because I know I’ll never be like him.”

Wow, talk about a coincidence. I’ve felt so awful tonight, and this comes along. Worth sharing.

I really need to remember this.

I. Fucking. Love. This. Quote. It actually throws me from my bad moods.

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d’you think the avengers ever play a game where they try to push steve’s buttons and get him all riled up and patriotic?

tony casually throws it into a conversation like “oh yeah I don’t vote” and steve trails off mid-sentence and gapes for a second before he starts in on the importance of the democratic process and how dangerous it can be if citizens give up their say in how the government is run and tony is trying so so hard to keep a straight face

meanwhile bruce is standing in the background timing the speech with his watch because whoever gets the longest rant wins a little trophy that tony made. the current holder of the trophy is clint who managed to convince steve that he doesn’t pay taxes

Realistically, though, Tony doesn’t need to vote. He’s got a lobbyist for that.

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At least three dead in two shootings at Jewish centers in Kansas. 15-year-old boy reported to be critically wounded; police report one person was in custody; man reportedly yelled ‘Heil Hitler’ when police arrested him.

Click here for the full story and breaking developments

Reblogging again to add: 

Also, non-Jews, please spread this. People will forget about it otherwise. The police say they aren’t ready to call it a hate crime, despite the fact that witnesses have said that the man was asking people if they were Jewish and waiting for an affirmative response before shooting. The more people who are paying attention to this story the harder it will be for it to be swept under the rug. 

A lot of people are currently very excited about the recent Cap movie. If you believe that it was worthwhile for Steve Rogers to fight fictional nazis, please show that you care about the people harmed by those in the real world who still agree with Nazi ideology. If you can get super excited and make tons of posts about Cap, then you can do this too, right? (obviously there are people who are upset/triggered by this stuff, which is an entirely different situation. but if you can spread the word please do)

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Secret cosplay revealed!
Welcome to Night Vale Miss Frizzle, design by cutie-toes!



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UNUSUAL HOARD commission for cephalopodvictorious !!

Considering the stash of some folks I know this is just a very small part of the hoard. Like 1% or less.

Hey berlynn-wohl

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*aggressively trying not to be sad* 

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I want to burn the whole house down.

The house looks like the basement of an outhouse and I still get snapped at for having a single thing of mine outside my room.


You can take the most respectful, sensitive people, give them Cards Against Humanity, and in a few minutes they’ll be laughing about genocide.

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